Can't Quite Give Them Up? Six Things You Can Do With Your Favorite Pair Of Jeans

Posted on: 24 February 2017


If your favorite jeans are beyond repair or looking lackluster, consider giving them a new life. Recycle your favorite denims in creative ways so that you can continue to enjoy them, long after you stop wearing them.

Transform your old jeans with these six suggestions:

  1. Design your own denim bowl. Cut the jeans into pieces, scraps, or squares that can be used to create a cool denim bowl. Soak the scraps in mod-podge glue to make the fabric stiff, similar to decoupage. Form the saturated denim over an inverted bowl or other form until dry.
  2. Bring denim to lunch. Create a one-of-a-kind lunch bag out of a leg of your favorite old jeans. These bags are distinctive, clever, and easy to make. These also make an excellent gift for someone else; after all, you do have two legs to work with.
  3. Create kitchen kitsch. It is easy to make pot-holders and aprons from your old denims; an easy way is to cut around the back-pockets and use this as the main portion of your apron, which you can trim and add ties to. Cut out just the pockets for pot-holders that you can slide your hand in with ease.
  4. Welcome guests with a denim wreath. Cut strips of denim from your old jeans and wrap them around a foam wreath ring until covered. Secure the ends with glue or common-pins, and add a bright bow or raffia ribbon to finish. Hang the completed wreath on your door to welcome guests to your home year-round!
  5. Dogs like denim, too. Give Fido something to bark about with his or her own denim dog toys. Cut strips of denim from the legs and body of the jeans, and make sure to remove any hardware before giving it to your pet. Tie these strips into denim knots of different sizes for your dog to play with; toss the knots in the freezer to get stiff and your dog will go wild!
  6. Stash scraps for crafts. Toss your old jeans in your craft closet for several cool and inexpensive craft projects. You may want to cut the denim into strips for braiding rugs, or cut in squares for quilting projects.

It can be hard to retire you favorite, comfy jeans, and even more difficult to toss them out. Instead of discarding or donating your denim, try one of these six suggestions to extend their life and give them a new purpose! If you run out of jeans, get some more at American Made Jeans by All USA Clothing.