Men's Clothing For Your Fall Internship At A Big NYC Ad Firm

Posted on: 9 August 2017


If you have landed a fall internship at a big New York City advertisement firm, then it is important to make sure your wardrobe is in order. You don't want to show up in clothing that is not going to look professional. You need to have clothing that conveys a seriousness and professionalism. And it's also important that you have a large enough supply of clothes. You don't want to have to wear the same clothing over and over, which is not convenient, and will also look odd. Add to that you will be running to the dry cleaner constantly (when it comes to slacks and shirts), and you will realize that it's just better to get a good wardrobe up front.

Brown and Black Dress Shoes

You need two pairs of shoes. One needs to be brown, and the other black. These two colors will allow you to wear many different types of slacks and shirt combos. The design of the shoes is up to you (Oxford, wingtips, etc...) but the main idea is to get two colors.

A Proper Length Brown and Black Belt

You also need two color belts. If you have brown shoes, you need to wear a brown belt. Likewise, if you have black shoes, you need to have a matching black belt. If you don't have the budget for two different belts, then you can always compromise and get a reversible belt. The reversible belts work by having a pivoting buckle. But most of all, make sure that you don't get a belt that is too large. It will look silly if you have too much belt passed through the front of your pants and will look like you're wearing pants that are too large.

Custom Length Ties

Spend some money on good custom length ties. You want ties that are made of a quality material (such as silk) but you also want ties that are the proper length. Some ties are a bit too long and might look silly. You can't compensate by making a thicker knot at the neck. So, ideally, you will want to get a tie that has the perfect length for your torso. Custom length ties are the perfect solution to the common issue of too long or too short ties.

White and Blue Shirts

Always have at least 5 shirts. This way you won't have to run to the dry cleaners and try and rush things during the week. A one week supply of white and blue shirts will allow you to have the weeks wardrobe and then get the clothing cleaned on a Friday. This way you are not panicked during the week about what to wear.

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