• The Small Teaching Budget: Ways to Make Music Programs Work When Money Is Tight

    If you're a choir or band teacher, you know one of the biggest obstacles you face when planning your yearly curriculum is the budget. Instruments, repairs, and trips to concerts and competitions bring in staggering costs that eat up a lot of your budget (if not all of it). So, when it comes to the smaller things, you need to find a way to cut down on classroom costs. One the ways teachers do this is by having students pay for some costs themselves—but this is not always an option for low-income families who still want to benefit from a music program.
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  • Top 10 Gifts To Buy Yourself – Just Because

    Buying something for yourself, for no particular reason, can lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. This is why many people call an impromptu shopping spree "retail therapy." In fact, about 52% of the American population admits to engaging in this method to sooth their soul. And, as long as you keep the spending under control, you don't have to worry about over doing it. The next time you are feeling down and you need a boost, or you just have some money burning in your pocket, consider buying yourself a well-deserved gift.
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