Top 10 Gifts To Buy Yourself – Just Because

Posted on: 4 September 2015


Buying something for yourself, for no particular reason, can lift your spirits and put a smile on your face. This is why many people call an impromptu shopping spree "retail therapy." In fact, about 52% of the American population admits to engaging in this method to sooth their soul. And, as long as you keep the spending under control, you don't have to worry about over doing it. The next time you are feeling down and you need a boost, or you just have some money burning in your pocket, consider buying yourself a well-deserved gift. Here are 10 suggestions:

1. Storage Water Bottle

This is the perfect gift to buy yourself if you are always on the go. This bottle is also great for active folks who spend time at the gym, hiking, or other similar activities. The bottle is large enough to hold plenty of water to keep you hydrated, and it has a compartment on the side to hold a credit card or two, some cash, and even a key. The hidden compartment also has a little clip to keep these items securely in place in even the most jarring situations.

2. Flavor Infuser water bottle

Since drinking water is probably the best thing you can do for yourself, another water bottle has made this list. This bottle has a special compartment in the middle that you can fill with your favorite fruits. All the yummy flavors and healthy nutrients leach into the water, but you don't have to worry about swallowing seeds.

3. Moleskine notebook

Everyone who owns one of these notebooks loves them. These beautiful notebooks have smooth and creamy paper that's a dream to write in. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. You also have a choice of plain, lined, and grid paper. Choose the pocket size for ultimate portability.

4. Moneyband

Another handy and inexpensive gift that you won't be able to imagine life without is a moneyband. This slim band hugs your wrist, while holding the essentials like cash and your driver's license, leaving your hands free to do other things.

5. Cowboy Boots

Whether you're a southerner who loves country music, a midwesterner who lives or works on a ranch, or just a suburbanite who likes comfortable and fashionable footwear, you need to buy yourself a pair of cowboy boots. Even the most die-hard city slickers will covet a pair of durable cowboy boots, because they go with everything and can be worn all year long. Read more about cowboy boots at a local site. 

6. Traveler's Notebook

Although this amazing system was created with travelers in mind, even people who never leave home love owning a traveler's notebook. It's basically a premium leather cover with an elastic in the middle of the inside. You can then pick and choose from a variety of different notebooks to slip under the elastic and fill the cover up to create a custom book. The most common uses for a traveler's notebook is to document your vacations, journal, and plan. There are plain, lined, and grid filler notebooks available. There are also calendar and planner notebooks, craft paper notebooks, and a slew of accessories like card holders and zip pouches. When a booklet is used up, simply pull it out and replace it with a new one.

7. Keychain Phone Charger

You'll never be stranded with a dead cell phone when you have a phone charger with you at all times. This handy little charger fits on your keychain. It may be small, but it has plenty of juice to operate your phone in an emergency.

8. Bottle Opener Ring

How many times have you searched through the drawers in your kitchen for a bottle opener? When you have a bottle opener ring, you'll always have one at your fingertips. This cool ring looks like a stylish silver band, but on the underside it features a clever little slit that opens bottles, without you having to worry about cutting your hand.

9. Sneakers

Parents always seem to be on top of buying their kids sneakers when they start getting too small or begin to wear out. This usually equals several pairs new sneakers each a year. Yet parents usually find themselves wearing the same sneakers for a few years in a row before purchasing new ones. Take some time to buy a good pair of supportive sneakers for yourself. When you're feet are happy, your whole mood will improve.

10. Bottle Of Red Wine

Research has shown that red wine wine, and more specifically the resveratrol in the wine, helps protect the heart and may also ward off other diseases. Just make sure you drink moderately – keeping it to 1 glass a day for women and 2 glasses a day for men.

The next time you are feeling down, jump into your car and head to the mall for some retail therapy. You don't have to spend a fortune to reap the benefits of shopping for a gift for yourself. But you do have to have to enjoy it.