How to Style and Accessorize a Parisian Vintage Cream Floral Ruffle Dress

Posted on: 3 May 2022


If you have a beautiful Parisian vintage cream floral ruffle dress in a vintage cream floral pattern, you may be wondering how you can best style and accessorize it. The good news is that you'll have many options from which to choose, depending on the season.

Whether you obtained the Parisian dress as a gift, from a vintage clothing shop, or as a hand-me-down from a well-dressed family member or friend, you can make the frock all your own with a few simple pieces of jewelry, legwear, shoes, and other items. The dress may be versatile, as you probably can wear it year-round with the appropriate accessories and pieces, such as tights. This is especially important if the dress was expensive and you want to get the most bang for your buck.

The dress has a decidedly feminine flair given the floral and ruffle details and you can either play that aspect up with other girly pieces, or add a few sporty touches to tone it down. Use your personal style, preferences, and lifestyle as a guide when choosing the best look. 

If the ruffled dress when purchased for a special occasion, such as a party or wedding, you'll save money by transitioning it into your everyday wear. Here are some additional styling tips for how to do that:

1. Tights

If the dress is on the shorter side, the number one way to wear it in the fall and winter months is with a pair of tights. Pick a pair in a warm fabric, such as a wool or cotton blend, in a color that coordinates with the frock. For instance, choose a hue, such as pink or red, that coordinates with the floral patterns. You can also play it safe with cream-colored legwear.

Stay away from tights featuring a floral or lace pattern, which will compete with the dress. Since the frock has a lot going on, it's best to stick with simple legwear as a contrast. You can also throw on a matching cardigan sweater or shawl for added warmth. 

2. Jewelry

When it comes to accessorizing the Parisian ruffled dress, your jewelry options are almost endless. Enhance the vintage details with heirloom jewelry pieces, such as delicate cameo pins or necklace pendants, or sweet charm bracelets. 

Play up the feminine, romantic look with classic diamond stud earrings, or a heart-shaped necklace locket. Again, use the colors in the dress's floral pattern to choose accessories, such as a pink, red, purple, or blue beaded necklace and bracelet set.