Getting Treated & Surviving Breast Cancer

Posted on: 3 March 2017


If you have noticed that the skin on your breasts has started to develop the look of an orange peel, you should be very concerned. You have one of the symptoms that are associated with breast cancer. Keep in mind that having breast cancer does not necessarily mean that you will not live long. However, your best chance of survival is to make sure the disease is diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Treatment will be done based on the progression of the cancerous cells. Take a look at this article for more information in regards to getting treated and surviving breast cancer.

1. Getting Diagnosed & Treated

Getting diagnosed for breast cancer will involve several things being done, including a discussion about your family medical history. The physician will also feel both of your breasts to find out if lumps are present. A mammogram and biopsy will likely be performed as well. If the biopsy reveals that you have cancerous lumps, treatment will begin. You will likely have to undergo surgery to remove the tumors, which might involve the removal of one or both of your breasts. Chemotherapy might also be done after surgery, which is a good way to get rid of any cancerous cells that were missed during surgery.

2. Dealing with Hair Loss by Wearing Wigs

If you end up losing your hair while undergoing chemotherapy, which is likely, you can wear wigs. Don't worry about people staring at you due to the wigs being noticeably fake, as there are numerous types that you can choose between. You can opt for a lace front wig that will appear as though the strands of hair are growing out of your scalp. Lace front wigs are hard to detect as being fake, and you can choose one that is constructed with human hair. The wig can be customized in any hairstyle that you desire.

3. Obtaining Breasts After a Double Mastectomy

Whether you have to get one or both breasts removed to treat cancer, don't worry about how you will look afterwards. If you are a good candidate, you can get breast implants to replace them. However, one of the fastest and most affordable ways to have breast beneath your clothes is to invest in prosthesis. The artificial breasts will give you natural looking breasts, and you will still get to enjoy wearing beautiful bras. The great thing about breast prosthesis is that they are available in numerous sizes, which means you can go for small or large artificial breasts. Contact a company like The Next Step to learn more about prostheses.