3 Tips For Rain Protection On A Hiking Trip

Posted on: 23 March 2017


Are you expecting it to rain while you are on your upcoming hiking trip? Hiking in clothes that are drenched in water can be difficult to do, as the fabric will become heavier. You will also be stuck with wet clothes that can take a while to naturally dry, which could be dangerous if the temperature drops. It is in your best interest to make sure that you go on your hiking trip fully prepared for any amount of rain that might come. Take a look at this article for suggestions in regards to the type of gear that you should have handy if you want to stay dry.

1. A Lightweight Backpack

You will need a backpack for your hiking trip in order to easily carry along other items. However, you must be strategic about the type of backpack that you purchase. You don't want the backpack to be made of a heavy material because it will only add to the weight of items that will be inside of it. Keep in mind that it is also important to make sure your backpack is able to resist water and keep the contents inside dry. Try to choose one that is only big enough for the items that you are packing.

2. Waterproof Pants to Protect Your Legs

Shorts are the most comfortable types of bottoms that you can wear on a hiking trip. The reason why is because they will not restrict your legs from moving to the fullest extent as some types of pants can do. No matter which type of bottoms you decide to wear on the trip, you should also take a pair of waterproof pants on the trip. You can put the pants on in the event that it begins pouring rain. Make sure you choose a pants size that is big enough to be worn over your main bottoms.

3. A Rain Jacket That Fits Properly

You will need to take a rain jacket on your hiking trip, but don't take one that is too long. Make sure the jacket does not hang down past your thighs so it won't interfere with moving your legs. If you are a woman with a large chest and hips, make sure that there is enough room in the jacket for air to flow through when it is zipped up. You must keep in mind that rain jackets can make you sweaty because of the type of material they are usually made of, so air circulation is very important.  You basically want to opt for a jacket that does not fit in a snug manner. Check out stores like The Jacket Shack for ideas.