Throwing A Great Baby Shower

Posted on: 29 March 2017


If you are going to be throwing a baby shower for someone close to you, then you want to make the party a success by making them feel very special. There are some things that you can do that will help the baby shower come together in a way that makes it shine and sets it apart from other showers your guests have been to in the past. Here are some of the special things you can do to make your baby shower a fantastic one that the guest of honor and the guests will remember with fond memories for many years to come:

Have a picture of the ultra sound put on the cake

You can have a cake custom made to include a picture of the baby's ultra sound picture. This is a great way for you to offer the expectant mother a cake that's like one they have never had before. Everyone will be shocked when they see the baby's first picture displayed on the cake. If the baby has already been born at the time of the baby shower, then you can instead have the baby's very first picture be printed on the cake. These pictures are made from completely edible products, but they look very realistic. Be ready to record the mother-to-be's expression when she sees this fantastic cake for the very first time.

Throw the shower at a special place

If you can, you should try to have the shower someplace that is special to the parents so the shower will be even more near and dear to their hearts. The place you throw it at can include a location where the parents first met, their favorite restaurant to go to on their anniversary, or somewhere else that you know they cherish. Make sure the location offers you enough room and the right environment for a shower to be held.

Give everyone special shirts

You should also give all of the guests special shirts that have been screen printed to include the baby's picture, ultra sound picture and other information on them. This information can include either their birth date, their expected due date, their gender, the name the parents, names they plan on naming the baby, and anything else that will make the shirts special. You can look at many different options by contacting screen printing services. The guests and the parents-to-be can all save these shirts as reminders of that special day and the reason for everyone gathering in celebration.