4 Gift Ideas for Teens Who Enjoys Living an Unconventional Lifestyle

Posted on: 12 April 2017


Can't figure out what to get the unconventional teen in your life for an upcoming birthday or other special occasion? Here are four ideas that are sure to make a big impression and score you some serious brownie points:

A Volunteer Summer Vacation

If your teen has shown interest in helping other people within your community, consider giving them the gift of a volunteer summer vacation abroad. By spending some time with people from other cultures, your teen will gain insight into international opportunities and unconventional lifestyles that aren't seen as the "norm" back home where you live.

Volunteer vacations abroad are designed to provide teens with the perfect mix of education, personal development, and cultural insight that offer a transformative experience which will stay with your teen for a lifetime. Send your teen to help the elephants in Thailand, to work with Buddhist monks in Laos, or even to help the United Nations out in the Middle East.

A Lucrative Hobby Kit

As a teen who is interested in living an unconventional lifestyle, chances are that they aren't as interested in attending college and finding a 9-5 job as they are becoming an entrepreneur and figuring out how to make a living while doing something they enjoy. So, consider giving your teen the gift of a lucrative hobby kit this year so they can turn what they love doing into an income.

If they show interest in making their own jewelry, give them a jewelry kit that includes everything they need to make a few initial custom pieces they can use to build their inventory up. If they're most interested in woodworking, buy them a clock making or candle holder building kit. Combine the hobby kit with a portable canopy and folding table so they can set up at local swap meets and markets to sell their created goods.

Plans for a Tiny House

Let your teen explore their creative lifestyle options by giving them some plans and materials to build their own tiny house in the backyard. Not only will this give them a chance to learn about things like basic building, carpentry, and plumbing skills, but once the place is complete they'll have their own private getaway to enjoy as their independence from the family unit grows.

You'll find a variety of tiny house building plans on the Internet (some are even free!) that come with a list of required materials that you can use to collect and purchase everything that's needed for the build. This will allow your teen can get started on their project as soon as it's gifted to them. Alternatively, you can give your teen a gift certificate good for architect services so they can have their own custom plans made.

A Bohemian Romper Set

Just because your teen is into an alternative and unconventional lifestyle doesn't mean that they aren't interested in fashion. If your teen enjoys spending their money on clothes and fashion accessories that help set them apart from the mainstream crowd, consider hooking them up with a Bohemian romper set. Because Bohemianism happens to encompass the practice of unconventional living, Bohemian rompers would be the perfect addition to your teen's wardrobe.

Bohemian rompers come in a variety of colors and designs, so it shouldn't be tough to find ones that meet your teen's specific fashion preferences. Buy at least six different Bohemian rompers to create a fashion set for your teen so they can mix-and-match all summer, and include a gift certificate for a couple more so they can pick some out themselves. To learn more, check out online boutiques like Ooh La Luxe.

Any one of these gift ideas should impress your teen on their own, but you'll really knock their socks off by combining one or more option to surprise them with.