Preparing For A Professional Audition? Leotard Selection Tips To Make Sure You Shine

Posted on: 24 July 2017


Those many years of hard work are finally paying off, and you can't wait to move out of the practice room and into the spotlight. Still, you know that you will be up against some stiff competition at a professional audition, and wearing the right leotard will ensure that you present with a clean line. As you prep for your audition, use these tips to choose a professional ballet leotard that makes your best features and skills stand out.

Pick A Color That Flatters 

Ballet leotards range from the classic pink and black to bold hues that stand out on the dance floor. While you can never go wrong with a classic shade, picking a color that flatters your complexion can also give you a different look than they other dancers in your group. For instance, an emerald green hue can highlight your physique without being too distracting. If you choose to wear a brighter color, just make sure to avoid patterns such as stripes that make it hard for the director to see your lines.

Keep Simplicity In Mind

Dancers today have an array of dance leotards from which to choose to create a specific tone. While it might be tempting to wear that trendy leotard with complicated back straps, this can backfire if the director thinks that you look like you are heading for a hip hop competition. Instead, choose a leotard with basic features. Remember that the director is looking at your skills, and the last thing you need is for them to feel as though they can't get a good view of your form.

Practice In It Before Your Audition

By the time you arrive at your audition, your dance leotard should feel like a second skin. Make sure to wear it a few times before your audition to make sure that the openings do not gape when you perform a posture, and take note if it gets loose by the end of your routine. Going into your audition with full confidence that your leotard is the best will allow you to perform without any worries.

Leotard selection is an important part of preparing for an audition, and you must carefully balance your desire to stand out with the director's need to have a clear view of your skills. By focusing on choosing a simple, yet flattering leotard, you can pirouette with complete confidence as you move to the front of the line.