What You Need To Know About Keeping Comfortable In Bridal Footwear

Posted on: 20 April 2018


If you're like most women with a walk down the aisle scheduled for some point in 2018, you've probably been spending a great deal of time looking at wedding dresses -- and perhaps you've already even found that one special dress. If so, you're probably ready to start your search for the perfect pair of shoes to wear for the walk down the aisle and the ensuing festivities.

Wedding shoes have a hard row to hoe because they've got to be both beautiful and comfortable. Chances are you'll be on your feet throughout most of your reception, and wearing painful shoes can ruin the entire experience. On the other hand, you want the shoes to be as attractive as possible. Here are a few tips for combining style and comfort for your upcoming trip down the aisle. 

Length Matters

If your reception is going to have a lot of dancing, you'll want to be wearing the most comfortable pair of shoes possible, and that means you'll want to avoid details such as pointed toes and super high heels. As a general rule, the longer the dress, the less visual impact your shoes will have on the big picture, providing more leeway to go for comfort over style. A pair of ballet-style flats with cork soles is a good choice for wearing with a long wedding dress. 

If you've chosen a dress that's knee-length or shorter, let the style of the dress dictate the style of the shoes. If you'll be wearing a streamlined gown in a minimalist style, a good footwear choice would be a simple pair of streamlines pumped. If you'll be wearing a dress with lots of detailing, such as beading, ruffles, lace, and flounces, you'll want to choose a corresponding pair of shoes. 

Maximizing Comfort

Any pair of well-fitting shoes will be more comfortable if you break them in before the big day. Wearing the shoes at home for 30 minutes or so at a time several times per week during the last two weeks before your wedding date will probably make a huge difference in the way the shoes feel during your ceremony and reception. You can also purchase a pair of cushioned inserts, and to avoid pinched toes, choose a size that's slightly larger than the one you normally wear. 

Don't be afraid to have an emergency pair of shoes on hand so that you'll be able to keep dancing all night if your feet start hurting halfway through the reception. For more information on Spanish made shoes for sale, contact your local footwear shop today!