6 Clothing Items You Need When Going On Your Cruise

Posted on: 19 June 2018


Got plans to go on a cruise? Even if you don't plan on leaving your pool-chair, there are a few basic garments and essentials that you will want to bring. These are things that you might be tempted to leave behind when packing for your time in the sun.

Six garments that you need on a cruise are:

  1. Long-sleeve cotton tee shirts. If you are headed out for long days by the pool in the sun, you may not think to bring a long sleeve tee for your outdoor excursions. This can be an effective way to stay protected from bugs, mosquitoes, and even the sun in tropical climates. Tie it around your waist if the weather is warm and put it on when needed.
  2. Water-repellent, closed-toe shoes. Make sure that you include at least one pair of closed-toe shoes in your cruising luggage. These will likely be required for zip lining, rafting, horseback riding, or other outdoor activities and adventures. Plus, this will keep your feet safe on mopeds, ATVs, or bikes.
  3. Foul-weather gear. Don't let a little rain dampen your time away; bring your rain gear or an inexpensive rain poncho to keep you dry and save the day in the event of a storm. Buying a rain jacket during your trip could be costly and take-away from the limited time that you have on-shore.
  4. An actual swimsuit. Make sure that you bring a proper bathing suit; a suit might be required for onboard water slides or the hot-tubs. Not comfortable in just a swimsuit? Bring a kimono cover-up or robe to maintain your modesty.
  5. Formal attire. Make sure that you bring something dressy for formal night. This could be a pair of nice slacks and a dress-shirt for a guy or a skirt, slacks, and a blouse for ladies. Also, assess your footwear; sandals, flip-flops, or water-shoes may not be allowed in the dining rooms of the ship.
  6. Something warm and snuggly. Cruise cabins can be cool at night so make sure to bring your favorite lap robe or old sweater to stay warm. While many are outfitted with high-end linens, they don't typically use many blankets on the beds due to the mild climate and weather. Make sure that you are toasty-warm.

Make sure that you are well-prepared for your cruise and don't leave one of these six things behind. Talk to your cruise line representative for any specific information pertaining to luggage, limits, and costs. For more information on finding a long sleeve performance tee, contact your local sports clothing store.