Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing Compression Stockings For Chronic Venous Insufficiency

Posted on: 12 September 2018


If you suffer from chronic venous insufficiency, your doctor may have suggested that you wear compression stockings to help increase the blood flow from your legs back to your heart. However, if you have never worn compression stockings before, make sure you avoid the following mistakes.

Pulling the Stockings on Without Rolling Them up First

One mistake you should avoid making while putting on your stockings is pulling them on as you would a pair of socks. If you simply hold the stockings at the top and pull them on, you may not have even compression.

Since compression stockings work by pushing the blood flow up towards your heart from your feet, ankles, and calves, having even compression is essential so that the blood does not pool in one area. If you roll the stockings on instead of pulling them, you are not only achieving this even compression, but you are also giving the initial strokes necessary to help the blood flow.

Folding the Top Down

Another mistake that you should avoid while wearing your stockings is folding down the tops of them. Doing so would double the compression at the tops of your calves, which increases the pressure on your blood vessels. This pressure could then occlude a section of your vessels.

Any occlusion would then restrict your blood flow. This not only negates the purpose of wearing the compression stockings, but it could make your circulation worse. If the blood flow is cut off, your swelling would then increase. If you find the tops of the compression stockings uncomfortable, or if they rest right on your kneecap, you may have chosen the wrong size or type. Have a representative at the store assist you in finding the right stockings for your legs.

Wearing Socks over the Stockings

Along with not folding down the tops of your stockings, you also do not want to double up the pressure by wearing socks over them. Once again, the added pressure could cut off the circulation to and from your feet.

If you find that your feet and legs get cold, or even if the stockings' color does not match your outfit, you may want to look into different types of stockings. See if there are any styles available that are made from a thicker material or come in various colors.

Knowing how to put on and wear your new compression stockings properly can help improve their performance while keeping the blood flowing in your legs. For more information on the right way to wear them, speak with a representative with the company from which you purchased your compression hosiery for venous disorders.