Are You Shopping for Your Husband, Who Is a Golf Addict?

Posted on: 26 October 2018


Are you married to a guy who loves golf almost as much as he loves you? While some men are stuck to the television set during football season, maybe your husband is on the golf course every chance he gets, even on freezing cold days or blistering hot ones. If your husband is a true golf addict, you are more than likely planning to give him golf-related gifts for an upcoming birthday or for his Christmas present. if that's the case, here are some ideas that might make your gift giving extra special, from selecting men's golf clothing to arranging for golf lessons for yourself.

Golf Clothes

 Since your husband is a golfer, he more than likely already owns quite a few sets of golf clothes. However, that more than likely means that he would love to receive new clothes to replace some of the items in his closet that are worn. For example, how do his golf shoes look? Has he mentioned lately that he needs to get new ones? If so, take that as a big hint that he would love to receive golf shoes as a present for his birthday, an anniversary, or Christmas. Check out his shoe size while he's not looking so that you can duplicate it when you shop for new golf shoes. Think of the golf shirts he likes to wear the most. Check the brand and buy new shirts that match it, but perhaps in new colors. And think about buying a jacket that will complement the shirts you have selected. Make sure that the jacket will move easily when your husband raises his arms to take a whack at the golf ball. Research men's golf apparel if you need more ideas.

A Surprise Gift

Your husband might not be that surprised to find golf clothing when he opens his gifts. However, you could surprise him with something very special that he might never have expected. Consider giving your husband a gift card that you create yourself. The gift will be that you are taking golf lessons yourself, either to learn the game from scratch or to become good enough so that you can keep up with him when you play together. And, for an extra bonus gift, consider surprising him with a travel voucher that will take both of you to a golf course in a totally different city, or a golf course he has always dreamed of playing on.